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Kindly consider offering sponsorship to any of these projects.  Your donation will be greatly appreciated.  The sooner these projects come together the sooner Paradise will be received as a place to be in.  Please specify the program that you wish to sponsor.



1.            Pioneer Program for Cure of SCI

This is a Demonstration program for treatment of people with Spinal Cord Injury,

you can check on facebook ParadiseOne - Pioneer Program for Cure of Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) - 2012   to see some real-time results with exceptional healing.

With this demonstration program, The Paradise Team will show the world what is possible and how much healing we can achieve in a very short time.




2.          Television Show: Paradise Now Dialogues with The Mother The show was on Vision TV for more than a year, and it was stopped for lack of funds to pay airtime and production.  The viewership secured was exceptional in a very short time, and viewers were recognizing the value of the unique content of the show. After the show stopped airing, viewers called t ask about when will the show be back on the air. This is one of the shows that "must go on"



3.          Paradise Center: We must acquire a large place where the Paradise Center will have a planetary home. For now, The Mother's Home is the Home of Paradise, but the number of people who need to join learning and training for Paradise requires the adequate space



The Conceeding Proclamation from The destructive system handing the Vineard back to The MOTHER, rightful owner, voiced by the Material Father On April 13, 2018 discribes Him better than anything: He is upright, He is Holy, He is true.  


It took a long time to embody such Father, and great suffering accompanied such evolution, but we achieved the most important goal of GOD:


Mother and Father able to come back together in perfect Harmony in all dimensions, including the material worlds.


Everything else will work better from that point for everybody! Even for those who faught us.


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