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My Plan for the Universe

My Plan for the Universe is to help Her to reach her purpose: integrate with the Universe of The Father, in perfect harmony, and evolve alongside all infinite beings, together with the family of stars and their infinite planets. Just live happily ever after.    


Free of death, destruction and failure, The Universe of The Mother and the Universe of The Father will govern all other Universes indispensable to infinite evolution, providing appropriate conditions for all 22 Universes to enjoy unfolding their potentials in peace and safety as it is suitable to a Universal Paradise.  The Universal Paradise is governed by the Universal Mother. When The Father reaches Universal Father Manifestation, The Universal Father will join The Universal Mother In protecting the Universal Paradise.


Another aspect of my plan is to help all the supportive universes to work well within themselves and with each other, helping all beings to recover the wasted eons sacrificed to experimentation, ambitions, mistakes, and pride, to complete their development, and start their evolution.


One of these universes is The Universe of Truth.  We are coming out of a system of deception, so you can imagine how much work we have to achieve the goals of the Universe of Truth.


Each of these universes will be described individually and will be helped, for the good of all.


Each one of these universes is responsible for 3 worlds and it is built by the respective 3 worlds. For instance, The Universe of Truth is responsible for the World of Truth,  for the World of the Intellect, and for the World of Faith. 


Controlled, influenced or cared for by the worlds of Faith, Intellect, and Truth, the people who were formed by such worlds can determine the evolution of the Universe of Truth.  


If people end up tangled in the world of lies, their worlds can be lost and can endanger their lives because staying with lies they are connecting to confusion, deception, lack of wisdom and loss of potential. 


If people are not guarded by the truth, the more faithful to what they believe the more endangered they are and the farther from the ways of life.  The lies can mislead people who have huge faith that empowers them without truth.


Faith was in a hurry to protect people and keep them faithful, whether or not they knew the truth about what they had faith in.  Faith is more than believing, but believing is the beginning of faith, and if one believes something that is false, he will put the power of faith in the false thing he or she believes in!  


If truth does not step in to free them from faith into a false path, sooner or later their faith loses them anyway. Either they perish without truth, or they walk away from fate looking for the truth.  If they put their faith in lies and the universe of truth no longer has the possibility to guide, free and enlightened people because they listened to lies, the universe of faith loses them as well.  


When any world or any person is at that point, without divine intervention Truth cannot take people from lies, unless they lose their faith.  So if faith does not validate the truth, people lose either faith, or truth, or both.

Then, survival becomes a matter of truth, faith, or Intellect.


That is when the Intellect steps in.  The world of the intellect starts to look for the scientific truth, for the divine truth, for the truth of Life and it tries to catch the lies, the liars, and the tricksters.


The relationship between the three worlds and the universe that they are interdependent with can enlighten and empower, all the other worlds. In the old system, they could also affect all the other worlds. Not anymore!  The discernment in the universe of The Mother is such that if one goes wrong it can not contaminate everything and everybody, but all who are doing well will step in to help and correct the wrong.


         And here is the big secret: The Universe of The Mother relies on 24 universes and 72 worlds that are positioned in such way that none of the universes can fail, none of the universes can lose their worlds, and none of the people are left without what they need to succeed infinitely. 



Instead of war of the worlds, the Universe of The Mother has a harmony of worlds and harmony of universes, starting with the harmony between The universe of The Mother and The Universe of The Father.


The world of The Maker excluded The Mother. And it had 7 days that he could not translate into Universe, and he needed the Creator to form a Universe of Creation, which without Mother was unable to survive. Without life, the universe of Creation, formed by 7 days and 7 nights, could only capture life from the worlds of The Mother, that were alive, and for that, they relied on war, aggression and all forms of death.


To collect all elements of life, The Creator and The Maker who could not produce life, forced aggression, against the worlds of Mother and Father, hid the truth, hid knowledge, created confusion to prevent understanding, and refused correction. 


Mutiny by the Creator and by The Maker is at the origin of all the suffering that we are going through.  They became the light and the dark face of their reality.  That is when The Lord created his own earth, the read earth, and created his own man, in his own image, without  Mother, and used the man-base to make a woman.  The Lord acted both as Creator and as Maker and was intended to make everybody believe that he was God.  He was a divinity, he was actually the god of war, and naturally, his first children and all that followed carried his problem, competed for their Father's approval and committed murder, ever since, not just at that time. 


Compelling the god of war to impose peace, is compelling the Lord to give up harvesting the lives of the earth. 


Compelling The Lord to make peace is preventing him to be Maker because he does not have lives to make his people with.  


That means that he can no longer use the earth as a breeding planet, and he can no longer harvest us.  The only way he could be stopped was by The Mother, The Father, The Universe of Truth, and all The Sons and Daughters of GOD to stand up to him and to take Him to the Cosmic Tribunal. 


At the request of the Mother, The cosmic Tribunal, refused to allow the continuing of the sacrifice of The Breath of Life of The Mother, for The Lord to animate the children that he was making, and The Universal Courts refused to allow the sacrifice of the Children of The Mother so that they could only live again if they obeyed death and landed themselves to the creations of The Lord who was killing The Mother to give them breath of life, and was killing the children to make them his servants, and The servants of death.   















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Concession Speach 



The Destructive System, handed the Vineard back to the rightful OWNER.


The proclamation decided by all legitimate leaders of the old system. was presented by the Material Father On April 13, 2018. 


This speach discribes The Material Father better than any other description:


 He is upright, he is faithful he is holy! 


It took a long time to embody such Father, and great suffering accompanied such evolution, but we achieved the most important goal of GOD:


Mother and Father able to come together in perfect Harmony in all dimensions, including the material worlds.


Everything else will work better from that point for everybody! Even for those who faught us.



The Material Father, in his mosst recent manifestation, spoke to all heavens in the earth day of April 13, 2018, and addressed from all times, to all eternity, from all spaces to all infinity, from All Truth, to all Gates of All Paradise realms, from all lights to all Kingdoms, from all gods to all Kingdom, from all past times to all futures, from all prayers, to all who bless:


“Blessed be this day when we all completed our task of the past the best we could, and completed our choices for a future unlike anything we ever experienced before. Blessed be the day when we all honour GOD.  


You prayed to me with the words: Our Father in Heaven, and you prayed as I taught you, conceding to me, and said “thy will be done!”   Today, after EONS OF COSMIC AND UNIVERSAL WORK, MY WILL is finally done!  And this is MY WILL, and this has always been MY WILL:



  1. To know the true GOD.  Was it me? Was it another? Was it The MOTHER? I cannot describe to you the relief, when problems without solutions were devastating the realms, and the harder i tried, the harder I was battling with forces that never related until I new the true GOD.  When i saw how easily SHE resolved the problems that I battled for aeons, I had the answer to my question: Who was the true GOD?   THE TRUE GOD was THE MOTHER.  MY WILL WAS DONE! I knew who the true GOD was.  While I the Material Father took the responsibility of Godhood, and did all I could, she was GOD, she is GOD of All. Mine as well as yours.
  2. My second will was to obey completely the True GOD.  Like many horses to a royal carriage,  used to answer to my reins, my many realms resisted even Me, as I was stirring them, to the harmony with the real GOD.  Once I called on the real GOD, from the cross 2000 years ago, and from Hiroshima more then 72 years ago,  the tensions between my will and my realms brought awakening even onto my will that not only I, but
  3. You all must obey the real GOD. My will is that you obey my will to obey the True GOD.
  4. To know how to obey the True GOD, you must learn from Her.  I will be with HER in my future form which is The True, Infinite Father, I will be her rightful help, and I will be with her, in my own sonship form, as primordial disciple.  As I depart from me now, to join my two realms, the infinite and the temporal, my will is that you will learn from Me, The Holy Father and primarily from HER, THE Holy Mother.
  5. You must continue the temporal into the infinite!  Time never ends, it only manifests infinitely.  THE MOTHER  will explain to you how that works.  My will is that you do your outmost to earn the right to be infinite.
  6. It is my will that you preserve all of my good works and you work with my infinite form to develop the infinite forms of my work.
  7. It is my will that you follow the MOTHER on the path of peace.
  8. It is my will that you follow the MOTHER onto the way of the Paradise Within and the ways of the universal, galactic and cosmic Paradise, and all paradise ways of all realms.
  9. It is my will that you preserve your life, and never accept the ways of illness, aging death, and living in poverty. 
  10. My Holy form and the Mother will show you how.
  11. It is my will that you take responsibility as individuals
  12. It is my will that you never sacrifice another for your own will
  13. It is my will that you learn the way of the TRUE Kingdom, THE KINGDOM of THE REAL GOD, and not the Kingdom of the lesser ways.



Into the anointed tomorrow, My Will be done: 

obeying GOD, I said to GOD: THY Kingdom come.


And all from all eternity, responded: 




Furthermore, I The Material Father am now merging the Infinite, watching you form the Infinite, praying for you from the Infinite, leaving My Son with you infinitely, never to be sacrificed, never to be burdened, never to be blamed for your deeds, never to suffer in your place, but always bringing you the light of his understanding, guiding you to the wisdom of all time, teaching you to be lights everywhere you are, in the world or in the heavens.  All my other Sons will be made known to you, will be leaders, will be friends, will be gods, will be guides to you, as they too will obey.


Amen, and Amen!




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