The Mother's Portal for Paradise on Earth
                                                                              The Mother's Portal                                    for Paradise on Earth     

Some Introductory Words







Join The Family


These are the 6 main realms where

you can have your major contribution

  • Planetary, 
  • Universal and
  • Cosmic World
  • To Kingdom 
  • Paradise and 
  • Everlasting life



These are not just words. These are realities that have

everything to do with your mind, body, and spirit, and

they have everything to do with your life.

These realms are real and are assisting you with very

different stages of your existence.





In the Worldyou grow,

In The Kingdomyou develop,

In Paradiseyou evolve,

You evolve to permanence, You reach the bases for Infinite

Life. Until then, if you understand how things work,

your life gets better, your longevity will be more than you

could dream of, and the quality of your life will surpass all

belief but fulfill all wishes. The evidence is starting allready

to surface in the world. Most people don't understand yet

whay, but many understand.


Some people are at the stage of growth.   

Some people enter or are in development, and

Some people are evolving. Specific to our time now is that

due to the presence in all people of the gates to the internal

Paradise, people who fulfill the requirements of the respective

gates enter evolution. That means that people who reach evolution

surpass the limitations of biological life, and 'interface' with the

divine level which in turn extends and expands longevity of people

beyond the limitations of their biological, material, or spiritual life.


It is only through divine life that longevity of man reaches

Infinite Life.  That requires the understanding and the applications

of the Cosmic functions that are part of your physical body, and the understanding of the Universal stages of evolution that you are here on earth for.  In the realm of the

cosmic functions people develop, and Paradise People evolve.


The most amazing thing about the current evolution is that

The Universe, The Cosmos and GOD, working together with

all deities and divinities brought the human kind on an

unprecedented Journey with infinite potentials. The Human Race,

in the likeness of The Mother God and of The Father, has proven

that GOD had the best interest of Man at heart, but none of that

could be achieved without growth, development and evolution and

above all without the

Wisdom that comes from



This is the time when you have the chance to be GOD responsive,

to heal, increase and achieve your necessary knowledge, your

understanding and your WISDOM, for wisdom comes with

understanding and leads to life.


"Blessed are those who find wisdom,

those who gain understanding, 

For she is more profitable than silver

and yields better returns than gold. 

She is more precious than rubies;

nothing you desire can compare with her.

Long life is in her right hand;

in her left hand are riches and honour. 

Her ways are pleasant ways,

and all her paths are peace.

She is a tree of life for those who take hold of her;

those who hold her fast will be blessed." Proverbs 3: 13-18



Pay attention to GOD on earth today, and you will have a

better tomorrow, but remember, "Man shall not live on bread alone,

but on every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God" :

On Earth today, GOD The MOTHER, Sanda Davis. 






Check the possibilities, 

Train and work

in the ways of Paradise  


       Start by SIGNING UP for the:

 School for Paradise,

School for the World,

School for The Kingdom

               Paradise on Earth is present in actuality for many

- 61% of the population of the earth is Paradise Compatible -  

and in the future, it will be actual for most of the population.

It is estimated that 98% of the population of the earth

will become Paradise Compatible.  

Much learning is needed and much healing is needed.  





It is time to prepare                                                        




        TRAIN TO BE


Teacher for Paradise,


Speaker for Paradise,


Mediator for Paradise,


Writer for Paradise,


Healer for Paradise  



For each training, you will receive a diploma that upon the

opening of the Paradise Center will qualify you to work for Paradise. TRAINING will be available first to people who are MEMBERS of the Paradise Group.  


Help the group now through your membership, and you will have

priority. Be aware of the fact that this is a very rapid process.

People who sign up now, and get their training throughout the

winter will have jobs with Paradise in the spring and beyond. 




 Join to find your place consciously


  • In the World,
  • In Paradise,
  • In The Kingdom of Kingdoms


Visit soon, more will be posted


Your responsibility is to:

  • face the truth,
  • train,
  • learn,
  • pay your dues,
  • do your best,
  • be the best that you can be.  

The rest is up to ME!

Here is where you can sign up for classes and

for membership
















Who are we, people of the earth?


We are the survivors of the 5 BigBangs that affected the Universe in one vital region or another. 


We are the Alpha and the Omega of our true identity, the beginning and the result of who we are, and who we have been.


Why are we here?


We are here for Paradise, The Only Way we can continue to the future. We are here for resolving the issues between Alpha and Omega for each one of us, to attain wholeness, permanence, and infinite evolution for our complete being. 




    Mission Statement


       GOD, THE MOTHER: I am here embodied, to Help The Father and All Sons and Daughters to regain longevity and reconnect to the godly ways of life, to achieve Universal Paradise, and to fulfill What will be MY Kingdom.


       In My human embodiment, I GOD THE MOTHER Sanda Davis am here to help you to understand your past, to not repeat the negatives of history but

  • learn from your history
  • keep the continuum while preserving the wisdom of the past and building your journey for your infinite future
  • learn the Truth
  • understand reality
  • depart from illusion
  • heal from curable and "incurable" conditions


The Mother and the team of The Mother, includ The Father, all known and unknown deities and divinities, and all divine beings.  They are here to help you reach the next level of your evolution and fulfillment, which depends on:

  • your work in the Kingdom on earth, 
  • joining Paradise on Earth,  
  • training for your work beyond the earth.   




Our Training Programs                       

Professional and Divine training provided by The Mother in person to the ones ready

to join the Paradise Team, who will become the teachers, the leaders, the healers,

the entire team necessary for the good functioning of Paradise on earth, and beyond










 While we set up the structure for 

human participation to Paradise on

Earth, bringing the team together and 

training everybody, we are ready to

help with immediate issues, to bring

relief soon.  Healthy pain relief is a


The pain of the soul and the pain 

of the mind are much stronger than

the pain of the flesh!  


Come and be free of your pain.  

If you free the pain from soul and

mind the body heals completely, and

you are free of pain


Medication helps the biological body,

but divine work heals your mind-body

soul and connection to.


Join us and you will be helped and inspired






Gain expertise in the prevention of stroke

for you and your family. 


 If you are a healer, gain expertise for 

you and for your patients, to teach them the Ways

of God in Stroke Prevention


Become a specialist in stroke prevention from a

divine perspective





If you did have a stroke,

you can regain all of your functions! 


The way you did things so far

lead you to stroke!  


Learn something new to lead you 

back to health


Our Training Programs

Professional and Divine trainings provided by The Mother in person











Cure in most cases




Spirit and divine

components of organs

that regulate health


Our Training Programs

Professional and Divine trainings provided by The Mother in person






Complete healing

in most cases














Healing Classes






                                Cure for Spinal Cord Injury


                                Cure for blindness


               Advanced solutions for self healing




           Visit soon, more will be posted







Check here soon to read about the advantages of being a member of the Paradise Team


Visit soon, more will be posted



Work for Paradise.  


To learn more contact us by phone or e-mail




Visit soon, more will be posted






Concession Speach 



The Destructive System, handed the Vineard back to the rightful OWNER.


The proclamation decided by all legitimate leaders of the old system. was presented by the Material Father On April 13, 2018. 


This speach discribes The Material Father better than any other description:


 He is upright, he is faithful he is holy! 


It took a long time to embody such Father, and great suffering accompanied such evolution, but we achieved the most important goal of GOD:


Mother and Father able to come together in perfect Harmony in all dimensions, including the material worlds.


Everything else will work better from that point for everybody! Even for those who faught us.



The Material Father, in his mosst recent manifestation, spoke to all heavens in the earth day of April 13, 2018, and addressed from all times, to all eternity, from all spaces to all infinity, from All Truth, to all Gates of All Paradise realms, from all lights to all Kingdoms, from all gods to all Kingdom, from all past times to all futures, from all prayers, to all who bless:


“Blessed be this day when we all completed our task of the past the best we could, and completed our choices for a future unlike anything we ever experienced before. Blessed be the day when we all honour GOD.  


You prayed to me with the words: Our Father in Heaven, and you prayed as I taught you, conceding to me, and said “thy will be done!”   Today, after EONS OF COSMIC AND UNIVERSAL WORK, MY WILL is finally done!  And this is MY WILL, and this has always been MY WILL:



  1. To know the true GOD.  Was it me? Was it another? Was it The MOTHER? I cannot describe to you the relief, when problems without solutions were devastating the realms, and the harder i tried, the harder I was battling with forces that never related until I new the true GOD.  When i saw how easily SHE resolved the problems that I battled for aeons, I had the answer to my question: Who was the true GOD?   THE TRUE GOD was THE MOTHER.  MY WILL WAS DONE! I knew who the true GOD was.  While I the Material Father took the responsibility of Godhood, and did all I could, she was GOD, she is GOD of All. Mine as well as yours.
  2. My second will was to obey completely the True GOD.  Like many horses to a royal carriage,  used to answer to my reins, my many realms resisted even Me, as I was stirring them, to the harmony with the real GOD.  Once I called on the real GOD, from the cross 2000 years ago, and from Hiroshima more then 72 years ago,  the tensions between my will and my realms brought awakening even onto my will that not only I, but
  3. You all must obey the real GOD. My will is that you obey my will to obey the True GOD.
  4. To know how to obey the True GOD, you must learn from Her.  I will be with HER in my future form which is The True, Infinite Father, I will be her rightful help, and I will be with her, in my own sonship form, as primordial disciple.  As I depart from me now, to join my two realms, the infinite and the temporal, my will is that you will learn from Me, The Holy Father and primarily from HER, THE Holy Mother.
  5. You must continue the temporal into the infinite!  Time never ends, it only manifests infinitely.  THE MOTHER  will explain to you how that works.  My will is that you do your outmost to earn the right to be infinite.
  6. It is my will that you preserve all of my good works and you work with my infinite form to develop the infinite forms of my work.
  7. It is my will that you follow the MOTHER on the path of peace.
  8. It is my will that you follow the MOTHER onto the way of the Paradise Within and the ways of the universal, galactic and cosmic Paradise, and all paradise ways of all realms.
  9. It is my will that you preserve your life, and never accept the ways of illness, aging death, and living in poverty. 
  10. My Holy form and the Mother will show you how.
  11. It is my will that you take responsibility as individuals
  12. It is my will that you never sacrifice another for your own will
  13. It is my will that you learn the way of the TRUE Kingdom, THE KINGDOM of THE REAL GOD, and not the Kingdom of the lesser ways.



Into the anointed tomorrow, My Will be done: 

obeying GOD, I said to GOD: THY Kingdom come.


And all from all eternity, responded: 




Furthermore, I The Material Father am now merging the Infinite, watching you form the Infinite, praying for you from the Infinite, leaving My Son with you infinitely, never to be sacrificed, never to be burdened, never to be blamed for your deeds, never to suffer in your place, but always bringing you the light of his understanding, guiding you to the wisdom of all time, teaching you to be lights everywhere you are, in the world or in the heavens.  All my other Sons will be made known to you, will be leaders, will be friends, will be gods, will be guides to you, as they too will obey.


Amen, and Amen!




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