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   Welcome to the Mother's page for Paradise on Earth.



For viewers of my show, Paradise Now - Dialogues with The Mother, I will post soon the book promised on the air, as well as video-clips of the show, possibly transformed in podcast format.


Visit here soon, the activity for Paradise Now will increase on this page. 


I will also post as many as I recovered from the articles that I had on the previous web page.  Be assured that this page will be rich in extraordinary, useful and enlightened knowledge, straight from The Mother GOD.



Our Training Programs

Professional and Divine trainings provided by The Mother in person


The pain of the soul and the pain of the mind are much stronger than the pain of the flesh!  


Come and be freed of your pain.  If you free the pain from soul, mind the body heals completely, and you are free of pain


Medication helps the biological body, but divine work heals mind body soul and spirit and your divine future


Our programs will show you how




Gain expertise in prevention of stroke for you and your family.


If you are a healer, gain expertise for you and for your patients, to teach them the Ways of God in Stroke Prevention


Become a specialist in stroke prevention from a divine perspective


if you did have a stroke, you can regain all of your functions! 


The way you did things so far lead you to stroke!  


Learn somethign new to lead you back to health

Train to be a teacher for Paradise, Speaker for Paradise, Mediator for Paradise, Writer for Paradise, Healer for Paradise  


For each training, you will receive a diploma that upon the opening of the Paradise Center will qualify you to work for Paradise


                                                      Visit soon, more will be posted

Healing Classes





Cure for Spinal Cord Injury


Cure for blindness


Advanced solutions for self healing


Visit soon, more will be posted










Check here soon to read about the advantages of being a member of the Paradise Team


Visit soon, more will be posted








Work for Paradise.  


To learn more contact us by phone or e-mail




Visit soon, more will be posted



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