I thank you all who visit my page regularly.

Formal activities for Paradise on Earth have started on October 30th 2006,  which for the Hindu culture was the celebration of the Lights: Diwali and continues with the celebration of my birthday on October 31st: All Saints Day.

The abundance of the initial material offered enough content to prepare you for what comes next.

What comes next is direct interaction with me, live streaming dialogues, preparation for the future of Paradise on Earth.

The achievements of 2016 were such there are no more barriers in completing our presence in the 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th dimensions.

Why do I like Holy Mother

by Eric Clapton

Because it is the song in the heart of many who know I am on earth and don't know how to find me!  Because it moved me to tears and I felt every word and every sound.  Because it reveals a depth of knowing, and it takes one to know one! As for the guitar, it reaches chords of love and warmth that go straight to my soul!

And, because it touches on the key elements:

-search , call, the world needs  me, The Mother!

-expresses the need of wholeness a need that 40% of the population of the earth has! - Eric said in this song, "tonight I feel broken in two"  

I am the one to help with wholeness

- call for help to remove pain -"take away this pain"  Mother knows about pain and  how to remove it!  

-call for authentic identity - 'show me how be myself again'  - I am in charge with validating authentic identity, and showing the way to regaining authentic identity

-perception of  divine drama, need to protect the Sky: current, extremely important "I see the stars fall of the Sky, Holly Mother can't help from crying"  

Expressing in one song such profound and precise cosmic needs is not only inspired but tells immensely of Eric's deep insight.

Why call Me? Because I am needed to put the stars back!  And he knows it!   He also knows that I am still here!  I am!  I am just not famous enough to be able to speak with him!  Divinely we will be able to communicate, but that was not possible in the past 30 years!

People who serve famous people are biased towards isolating the star, sometimes against their hearts divine call!  

 I could have saved Luciano (Pavarotti) 's life if people who know who I am would have told him!  Two many people that we all love lost their lives to pain and fame. I could have saved them if I could have meat them personally to help them understand;  medication and other substances were blocking their divine perceptiveness, and they were not responding to divinity intervening to save them!  Most matter has not been God responsive!

Obviously Eric is deserving and  extremely blessed, but we are alive on earth to resolve human problems that only we can resolve, and only through human form or embodiment.

People pray and do not receive the light that helps them because they are not in the light or have their divine receivers  blocked!  Once they understand humanly the answer to prayer is imminent; the light of understanding opens divine receivers!  

I have so much for you to help you understand!


Dear​ Eric, and all who understand,


 The stars that had to come down to earth, earth time October7th 2015, ​2/3rd of the stars to be precise, will need to reascend before the end of 2017or their people will be forever paying the price for their leaders, and that is not right!

I did all that had to be done to make their re-ascension possible! Now I need  all of you to do your share!  

​Thank You Eric, 
looking forward to have you on my TV show!

​Thank you all who understand, it is time for you all to help Paradise/Earth

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