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Healing Principles for Paradise on Earth

Please watch carefully and thoughtfully

the video underneith,

called Joy TV-Pilot 2


You will understand something important about

the divine process of "miracle healing" versus

faith, spirit, in "instant miracle healing"

More will be explained in the near future

Regaining of a function does not necessarily bring healing.


For instance, regaining of a digestive function of the liver, does not mean that the liver has been healed. It only means that the respective function of the liver has been regained. 


The disfunction that existed could have originated in another part of the body, lets say... emotions...and the healing at the origine of the disfunction could have restored the respective digestive function.  Case in point, the emotional healing may have restored the associated digestive, hormonal, neurological function. 


The liver may still need healing in some way or another. That was the mistake that Jesus has done when he healed the flesh wound of his liver that had been pierced by the Roman solder's spear, and the fleshwound of his heart, caused by the same spear, but had no opportunity to finish heaing his emotional trauma that affected his liver and his heart before the cross, when betrayal and abandonment was a big factor, and after the cross in the time that he spent under the power of death, Pierced by evil from all directions, filled with the minds, spiirts, souls, problems, issues, disfunctions, and illnesses of those that he was meant to help.  This is reality!  Stories have their limits, but reality is, that He was subjected to suffering beyond spiiritual endurance. 


Only when He met His divine dimension 2000 years later, he could recover from the continuous assault against his light bringing capacity. That was not without impediments, but this time he had massive understanding of his own cry to The Father, from The Cross: "Why have you forsaken me?"   


The answer to this question requires the understanding of the entire history of Father and Son, from their own beginnings, through their lows and through their highs, and the understanding of the true meaning of 'The Father and I are one" 


His cry, his suffering and his yearning, have everything to do with the 2000 years that we needed to bring Paradise, and to have Him prepare with us a place for whosoever believed in him.  Opposing Christianity to the work of Mother and Father, or to any other religion was definitely not the intention of the Christ Himself. 


When it comes to these religions or all religions, we need time for a deep and real understanding.


We cannot neglect religion because religion is for the soul.

We cannot neglect Spirituality because Spirituality is for the Spiirt

And we cannot neglect the reality of Paradise, because Paradise is vital for human evolution, longevity and Infinite Life.


Understanding these distinctions and learning how reality really works, will prepare you to develop your capacities for healing yourself and/or others, and

will prepare you for your Next Step:

                                              Your Divine Evolution.







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