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 My Plan for the WORLD                                                                                      


My Plan for the WORLD Is to bring The World to the level of harmony and wholeness that will empower people to be receptive and responsive to all of Her forms, and to fulfill Her role of creating conditions for perfect longevity for man.    


In THE WORLD, 68 Worlds are responsible for the longevity of Man.  For Man to reach to Paradise Level, 68 Worlds have to have what is necessary.


For everything that is alive, the journey starts in the material world and it reaches Paradise in the Divine World. In between, every World that affects men has to have the contribution that is the specialty of the respective world, and has a great responsibility, for it has to be responsible to The WORLD for what it did with men!  I.e. : The Economic World id responsible to The WORLD for what it did with men.  


To understand what I just wrote, you must first understand what is The WORLD and how many Worlds is it composed of in order to achieve Her purpose and her role.  


The purpose of The WORLD is to return to her GOD form.  


The role of The WORLD is to ensure perfect longevity for man, which would lead to Infinite Life for all men who reach their deity level.  


When all the men from the WORLD reach their deity level,  the WORLD returns to her GOD form, and the men now deities will lead the men born afterwards as they will be accountable to each other, and to GOD, as GOD has known them in every fault and every power, and every capacity and every weakness and knows how to guide them.


  "Be y lights in the WORLD" is the best advice ever given to man!                                


   My PLAN is to reveal to you the worlds that affect your longevity and your path to your divinity so that you could succeed in your journey, and also that the WORLD could return to her GOD form. >>  (this fragment was written in 2018 muche has been achieved since)

DONE! The world did return to the GOD form.  It took 3 years but the integration of the world of Man with the God-form of the world was completed In February 2019.


The implications are as follows:  come back to see the implications :)






brief presentation




1st. Vital Thing that must happen is the increase of the connection between The Mother and The Public, so that the public can learn what is vital for them to know so that we do not repeat the faults of the past that lead to evil, destruction and apocalyptic dangers.  

  •    The increase of the connection has to make available different  levels of presentation.
    •    For the people who are not ready to understand all the profound implications, they need a general, pleasant, positive exposure, like the TV Show Paradise Now Dialogues with The Mother, where they have an exposure to the truth, in the company of The Mother, but also in the presence of artists, teachers, writers, people involved in pro-Paradise that without any intense scrutiny from the viewers, the truth is there, the essence of Paradise is there... but people who are not ready to study will just bask into the light and good news, without making a forced commitment. If for various reasons- most people are ready in 20 years, to engage with a strong sense of commitment in what Paradise means to them, that is fine.  We have massive work to do with people who are ready.
    •    For people who are ready, to learn we have to make available study materials: Books for Paradise, Classes, Healing programs, training programs, video clips with brief key information or video series that address comprehensively vital topics
    •     For people who are ready to pursue their Paradise training, we will have the Paradise Centre where they will train according to their specialty and order of work.
  • Increase of knowledge, truth, understanding, love and life in the world.  On the cross Jesus said: "forgive them for they know not what they do" Forgiving is nice but it still does not resolve the impact of not knowing and the impact of not knowing what they do.  I want to help all people, at any point of their journey to  know what they do! To know truly. To know truthfully.  I have what it takes to make that possible.  Paradise is built by people who Know what they do, who know the truth, who understand, who love, who live and let live. 
    •    There is so much to this point, it will be explained as it will unfold,
    • Books, videos, classes and trainings provided by the Paradise Team, under the Leadership of The Mother, will familiarize people with the essential truth, knowledge, understanding, love and life
  • Increase of Membership and funding possibilities for the Paradise Movement. 
  • Increase of cooperation and coordination of all who work for Paradise
  • Last but not least, the environmental work needed to bring clarity to the issues climate change, has to be done promptly. 
    •    Intervention for rebalancing climate has to be prompt, in order to bring rain where rain is needed, and to reduce risks of extreme wether troubling nature, human populations, animal world, and planetary balance. 

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