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          "30 Attributes of TRUE LOVE,

                       Key to Infinite Life"


                        Live Class on Zoom,

                         Feb. !8, 2023 2.00PM EST - 5:30PM EST 

                   CLASS taught by THE MOTHER, SANDA DAVIS


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                     Why is it so important at this time, for your                                      life on the earth, and beyond


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Trast Alternative Spinal Cord Cure


Free, promotional treatment sessins

in person, in clinic, or

remote healing online,

for people with SCI. 


Initial interview online.  

Treatment provider located in Ottawa.    ----Call Sanda Davis at 1-613 -680-0842         leave a message.       Your call will be returned in 48h or soonner.  


-- e-mail Sanda Davis



You will be contacted at the earliest opportunity 


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