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My Story


THE MOTHER, The Real GOD, Am here for you 



I am in charge of the Infinite 


Only that which is good is infinite, therefore, if you want to be infinite you have to choose that which is good. Be good, do good, help that which is good.


I am in charge of that which needs to and must be infinite.                       And I am here for you who want to be infinite.


I am on a journey from infinite to infinite, from all times to Infinite time. To learn from me about my journey and about me, you can read about it, here




The best brief presentation of my work and I was made by Dr.Timothy Watson, Ph.D. in Philosophy, in whom The Father expressed himself to the greatest extent, all the way to Him holding the concession speech in the name of the failed old system.  


You find the Concession Speech by The Father, that took place on April 13, 2018, right here, on your right side of the screen, on the sidebar.  


Dr. Watson, who was perfectly accurate in translating in "human" the messages that The Father had for me, verified every word of the Speach that I perceived in actual time starting with 10:00 PM, April 13th, 2018.  


Now, Timothy Watson, a Son of The Father and a Disciple of The Mother, will continue His evolution with the Creation Team, as a Creator Son, together with the other Creator Sons of different specialties, as The Creator Himself yielded to ME, and recognized MOTHER, FATHER, LIFE and TRUTH as the direct line from GOD that he was no longer willing to cut, as he understood that cutting the direct line from GOD would have cut the Umbilical Cord of all existence.  


Now, that we have Infinite MOTHER, Infinite FATHER, Infinite LIFE and Infinite TRUTH, severing such cord is no longer possible, and any attempt to such crime would only affect the one who attempted.  Therefore, all Sons and Daughters in charge with creation will respect MOTHER and FATHER who in turn respect creative freedom and only intervene to prevent the degradation of Creation that would tend towards non-creative ways. 


Dr. Watson is a disciple of mine and a helper of good works but also has a mind of his own and a great creative power.  He introduced me to a radio host from the UK, who was going to interview me.   As e-mail introduction, and preparation of the show, he wrote the following and asked me if I approved. 


"On Saturday, April 18, 2015, Timothy Watson <> wrote:

Hi Andy,
Subject to Sanda's approval, this is the show description.
"The Holy Mother has heard our prayer​!"
"A lot of people have been praying to the Holy Mother lately. In fact, the number of people now praying to the Holy Mother is unprecedented in world history. There has been a Great Mass amassed by the masses. The Holy Mother has heard your prayer. She has appeared on Earth in this chapter of Earth history to answer your prayers. The Earth is deeply troubled. The people are calling for salvation. The Divine Mother has heard your appeal. 
The Holy Mother, Sanda Davis by name, is within reach for the first time in Millennia. She is hear to perform the work of renewing Heaven and Earth to reset the Cosmic Clock and restore order on Earth as it is in Heaven. 
Tune in to hear The Holy Mother every Monday afternoon from 12:00 noon until 2:00 pm at the Freedom Talk Radio Network as she enlightens us all on a host of topics of universal importance to us all, some never broached before with the same depth and penetrating insight. Tune in to hear Sanda Davis expound so that you can expand. She is the answer to our prayers.."

My answer to Timothy: On Saturday, April 18, 2015, Sanda Davis <> wrote:

Perfect Timothy! 
I would not have been able to talk like that about me, but yes this is an accurate description and presented by you it means a lot.
Yes, I approve
Much appreciated 
Lovingly Always"



He said it all. I am here to answer your prayers, to reset the cosmic clock, to restore order, to renew heaven and earth. I am here to teach you what it takes to regain all of your GOD given rights, to help you restore your health, to teach the teachers and to heal the healers, to bring back decency and truth, true love, prosperity, and care, and to know where we are really heading, what is your role and how to evolve to fulfill yourselves.   I am here for you, I am here for Paradise.




My story is beyond understanding.  It is beyond explaining. And it is definitely beyond science. I can tell you only the part of the story that can be put into words, and only in the context that you have some understanding and some knowledge of.  


That being said, I can tell you enough for you to be helped to be more efficient, happier, healthier, and more oriented in the system that all are coming from, and in the System that just emerged and determines how your future will be and what it takes to make it and enjoy it.


We came out of the system governed by death and entered completely into The Culture of Life, into a System that honors life.


I am here for you and with you to help you enjoy your lives and your future bringing you safety and longevity like no one can. 


If things were done my way, you would have never known any of the devastations that you have been through in the past, and your present time would be much easier, and much healthier. Humanity had to reach rock bottom to start paying attention to the ways that actually work for you. 


The key to my story is that I was right all along, and all the deities and all the divinities had to go through their own experience before they understood that they should have listened. Every single deity rebelled, not just one or two. 


In the face of such willfulness to disobey I, THE MOTHER GOD had two choices: to cancel the whole plan of reality and start again, from existence, to deserving, to earning all that has initially been granted or to help all to regain what they lost, and what was their birthright. To keep all beings and teach them better ways,  They had to learn and to be willing correct their ways, to contemplate existence while preserving what they have been granted.  


I always favor correction versus perishing.  So, I had to go with you through the price of doing things wrongly and to help you understand the importance of learning and doing things the right way.


There was a time when I was known and respected on earth, but a group of deities, mostly male the male took control and made sure that The Mother was first ignored, then abandoned, then forgotten, and made sure that nobody knew that The Mother was the Real God.  


Long ago, while I was known, the Father was exercising his leadership, relying on His Holy Spirit and on Me, taking the necessary measures for things to go well, and it worked beautifully until he decided that he didn't need to listen to the Spirit, or to Me.  At that time he did not realize that something had happened to His Spirit which no longer was holy.  He just knew that he cannot rely on the Spirit anymore.  What he didn't realize was that he could still rely on Me, to help him restore His Spirit, back to being Holy. Thee Spirit was not doing well. But my Holy Spirit was still intact, and if he could have listened, I could have helped him restore His Holy Spirit, and together we could have restored the Spirit of all the others, and thus we could have prevented the Big Bang, which was an absolute disaster. But the nature of the contamination that affected the material world and The Material Father was such, that even He, could not process correctly what was going on. It turns out that the problems were induced by the presence of an entity that later on became death.


That is when the false light appeared as an active presence and death followed soon, not just as a consequence of failure, but as a foundation for new problems, and then darkness took control.  Things went only worse from there, and at the time of the Pyramids at Giza, all who were still serving the original God, realized and agreed, that the effect of evil had been such that we have to work thousands of years to restore Paradise on Earth.  


We then made the plan for the return of the Light and the timelines were indicating three possibilities for the return of Paradise pointing to three locations in the future: Greece, with the advent of the Greek Deities.  Jerusalem at the Time "0" when resurrection would overcome crucifixion, and North America, the North East Coast, in the time of the Resurrection of Life, when Mother, Father, and many vital deities will be there.


In a different article, I will tell you the story of how the Pyramids came to be, and what was their role in the final change and in the good works of the future.  For now, just remember this Particular Picture. I will tell you the whole story in a future article.          




This  is one of the best arguments by a brillant Dr. in Psilosophy, Dr. Timothy Watson, AKA Timothy Spearman, who was a guest on my Television Show Paradise Now, Dialogues with The Mother .  Dear friend, disciple and genious, author of a number of books that are most captivating. He presents the phylosophycal argument for the Untimate Truth, that GOD is a Woman. 

Recently (in August 2018)  Dr. Timothy Watson,  AKA Timothy Spearman

posted yet another description of a part of my work.  Thank You Timothy.  This was spontaneous, it had been posted on his FB page, an amazing page on an even more amazing subject: The Truth about the works and the writers behind the works signed with the front name William Shakespeare.  He should know, he was one of the authors: Sir Francis Bacon, son of Elisabeth The Ist Queen of England. I should know. I was her cousin at the time, Queen Merry of the Scots.  Histor should prove that Elisabeth never ordered the beheading. Maybe Dr. Watson could look back and find out what happened!  


But... here is what the posting was about and why between his posting and my have another major piece of reality.


Here is a fb post by Timothy Watson, AKA Timothy Spareman.  I just saw it and I thought it important enough to show it to all my visitors on my Portal. 
John Donne’s poem “Death Be Not Proud” personifies Death and makes it out to be an actual living entity. What if Donne, the metaphysical poet, knew more about metaphysics than we grant him credit? What if he knew Death to be an actual existing demonic entity? I am friends with a Romanian shaman, who calls herself The Mother,, who is engaged in works of renewal, in which she stays up nights cleaning the heavens; removing deadly cankers from the galaxy; applying a salve to wounded stars; castigating malevolent deities for trying to take the kingdom by plunder, scorning those who seek advancement without honing their qualities and capacities; rooting out the undeserving, and purging the heavens of ingrates that grate on all of us. For her Death is an actual entity, along with Anti-Life, Anti-Love and all the other Antis in the Anti-Universe. She regards aging as a disease, and seeks to expunge this malignancy from the human equation by adding to the tally of threescore and ten. Death may not be so proud by the time she is done with Her. She goes by many names, Durga, Kali, Annapurna, Columba, Ishtar, Isis, Diana, Cynthia, Virginia, all aspects of the malevolent goddess that promises life everlasting in the hereafter, life eternal in paradise, a heaven to be found not in this life, the one we are now living, but in an existence to be sought on another plane, in another dimension, an existence that is Anti-Life, Anti-existence in a universe that could only be embodied by Death. It constitutes another fall of man that we ever fell for that paradox - Life in Death, life everlasting in the absence of life, life devoid of the least vestige of existence, no living, no breathing, no vitality and yet Life! And so we were led down the Garden path by the Serpent, who convinced us that we would benefit from eating of the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. And so we ate of the fruit of the Tree and were seduced out of eternal life into the curse of human generation, and then religion came along to further the beguilement of the Serpent by convincing us that we would find eternal life in Death. And so Death welcomes us on the other side to an eternal Life of Death. That’s finality for you. I have a friend dying of pancreatic cancer. He doesn’t believe in Death. But she has him in Her clutches and is milking the life out of him through slow sadistic torture, gloating all the while at her victory over one who would sooner choose to live. Truly she should not be so proud, for there are many of us who choose life over Death and refuse to believe that she is the ultimate victor. Indeed, there will come a day when Her days will be numbered, and she will be the one to die and not us. That will be the Death of Death and all the tortured sicknesses and diseases she has put us through. Death be not proud! Prepare your burial shroud! ~ Daily Meditations by Timothy Spearman
It is done Timothy!  All we have to overcome now is to find ourselves through the  teachings of Truth and Light.  We have to recognize the power that She Left in people with the hope that they will bring her back from nonexistence, and we have to overcome that messenger that she left to stand her ground!  That messenger that stands her ground is Mistrust!  Mistrust in the divine embodiments on earth! Mistrust in goodness, truth and kindness, in good accurate teachings, in ‘alternative’ methods of healing, in Paradise, in future, in peace!  In so many of everything that people are praying for. But when it is offered to them genuinely, full heartedly they feel the jolt that she left!  ‘Don’t trust! Don’t trust!’  The prison door is open, but the prisoners are peering out with caution and hope and disbelief! 
My message to all is: dare to trust! Be wise and prudent, but give God (Me) a chance to show you the better ways!  And definitely LEARN from Dr. Timothy Watson! There is no one like him on earth! 
Lovingly, God




Concession Speach 



The Destructive System, handed the Vineard back to the rightful OWNER.


The proclamation decided by all legitimate leaders of the old system was presented by the Material Father On April 13, 2018. 


This speach discribes The Material Father better than any other description:


He is upright, he is faithful he is holy! 


It took a long time to embody such Father, and great suffering accompanied such evolution, but we achieved the most important goal of GOD:


Mother and Father able to come together in perfect Harmony in all dimensions, including the material worlds.


Everything else will work better from that point for everybody! Even for those who faught us.



The Material Father, in his mosst recent manifestation, spoke to all heavens in the earth day of April 13, 2018, and addressed from all times, to all eternity, from all spaces to all infinity, from All Truth, to all Gates of All Paradise realms, from all lights to all Kingdoms, from all gods to all Kingdom, from all past times to all futures, from all prayers, to all who bless:


“Blessed be this day when we all completed our task of the past the best we could, and completed our choices for a future unlike anything we ever experienced before. Blessed be the day when we all honour GOD.  


You prayed to me with the words: Our Father in Heaven, and you prayed as I taught you, conceding to me, and said “thy will be done!”   Today, after EONS OF COSMIC AND UNIVERSAL WORK, MY WILL is finally done!  And this is MY WILL, and this has always been MY WILL:



  1. To know the true GOD.  Was it me? Was it another? Was it The MOTHER? I cannot describe to you the relief, when problems without solutions were devastating the realms, and the harder I tried, the harder I was battling with forces that never related until I new the true GOD.  When I saw how easily SHE resolved the problems that I battled for aeons, I had the answer to my question: Who was the true GOD?   THE TRUE GOD was THE MOTHER.  MY WILL WAS DONE! I knew who the true GOD was.  While I the Material Father took the responsibility of Godhood, and did all I could, she was GOD, she is GOD of All. Mine as well as yours.
  2. My second will was to obey completely the True GOD.  Like many horses to a royal carriage,  used to answer to my reins, my many realms resisted even Me, as I was stirring them, to obedience and to the harmony with the real GOD.  Once I called on the real GOD, from the cross 2000 years ago, and from Hiroshima more then 72 years ago,  the tensions between my will and my realms brought awakening even onto my will that not only I, but
  3. You all must obey the real GOD. My will is that you obey my will to obey the True GOD.
  4. To know how to obey the True GOD, you must learn from Her. 
  5. I will be with HER in my future form which is The True Father, The Father of Light, The Infinite Father. I will be her rightful help, and I will be with her, in my own Son, as primordial disciple.  As I depart from me now, to join my two realms, the infinite and the temporal, my will is that you will learn from Me, The Holy Father and primarily from HER, THE HOLY MOTHER
  6. You must continue the temporal into the infinite!  Time never ends, it only manifests infinitely.  THE MOTHER  will explain to you how that works.  My will is that you do your outmost to earn the right to be infinite.
  7. It is my will that you preserve all of my good works and you work with my infinite form to develop the infinite forms of my work.
  8. It is my will that you follow the MOTHER on the path of peace.
  9. It is my will that you follow the MOTHER onto the way of the Paradise Within and the ways of the universal, galactic and cosmic Paradise, and all paradise ways of all realms.
  10. It is my will that you preserve your life, and never accept the ways of illness, aging death, and living in poverty. 
  11. My Holy form and the Mother will show you how.
  12. It is my will that you take responsibility as individuals
  13. It is my will that you never sacrifice another for your own will
  14. It is my will that you learn the way of the TRUE Kingdom, THE KINGDOM of THE ORIGINAL REAL GOD, and not the Kingdom of the lesser ways.



Into the anointed tomorrow, My Will be done: 

obeying GOD, I said to GOD: THY Kingdom Come.


And all from all eternity, responded: 




Furthermore, I The Material Father am now merging the Infinite, watching you form the Infinite, praying for you from the Infinite, leaving My Son with you infinitely, never to be sacrificed, never to be burdened, never to be blamed for your deeds, never to suffer in your place, but always bringing you the light of his understanding, guiding you to the wisdom of all time, teaching you to be lights everywhere you are, in the world or in the heavens.  All my other Sons will be made known to you, will be leaders, will be friends, will be gods, will be guides to you, as they too will obey.


Amen, and Amen!








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