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Life, Spirit, Healing Class 

I GOD The Motheropened a  Book that has never been open before:

The Book of Life

with that, many other books are now open here, worldwide         

Springs of living water in the desert


Life Spirit Healing

On-Line 2 part Class


“Life, Spirit, Healing” is one in a series of classes in a 2-year program vital for Mankind.  Classes taught by Sanda Davis.  To understand how unique and how important this class is for you, please read the pages below. 


Subscribers to the facebook page “Life, Spirit, and Healing Portal” receive a 50% sale to all classes that they take with me in 2018, 2019.



Part 1: LIFE

 Things you never knew, Things you must know 

June 12, 2018,  7:30 to 9:00 PM  

Price: C$ 90.00 (C$45 for subscribers).



How many lives does one have?  

What is life?  

What is it to be alive? 

How can the living dead become alive?  

How can the illness of old age be slowed down or eliminated?  

What is the role of Life?  

Is it possible to live forever?   How can one live forever? 

How can one improve his or her life?  

How does one harm his or her life?  How does one heal? 

How does life evolve? 

How is one to achieve Vitality.  

What is the evolution of Vitality? 

What is the evolution of life?   

These will be topics that I’ll present to the class.  Who wants to discuss personal matters and be helped in their life, will have to book time in the days after the class.   


To order the Book of Life you go to . Go to menu, and click on BOOKS.



Part 2: Spirit and Healing  

Things you never knew, Thinks you will know, and 

Sustain your life to the desired longevity. 

June 16, 2018 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM 

Price: C$ 90.00 (C$45.00 for subscribers)


You will learn:


The relationship between your spirit, your immune system, and your health.  

How can your spirit help you survive a terminal illness even after entering a terminal stage?  

Your spirit and blood pressure, your spirit and vascular health. 

Your spirit and freedom from genetic disorders. 


If you choose so, all of you who complete the classes required for a diploma with ParadiseOne, upon fulfilling the requirements will graduate as healers, speakers, teachers, writers, leaders, or guides for Paradise.  Such graduates will have activities that will be income producing and/or paid positions with the Paradise Centre, lead by THE MOTHER EARTH — MOTHER GOD, in human form, Sanda Davis.



About Sanda Davis


For years people did not understand why I am on facebook and "how could GOD be on the Internet?" 


Other than being everywhere, why would I stay off the Internet, where the Global Community Gathers.  Your human senses and capacities may or may not be yet able to have a transcending conversation with ME.  But as long as you are on the net, you can start conversing with me and learning from me relying on your human capacities. The Technology was provided to help people who could not perceive in a transcendental way or could not be certain enough that their perceptions are real or imaginary.  


I am real you are real, here together to communicate and to do the best with what is available. You cannot take my form, but I can take your form or function in your form to the extent to which your form is capable.  Many of you will have to develop your capacities to understand even when I am speaking face to face with you. 

You cannot communicate my way, but I communicate your way. I am in your form, therefore I can speak your language.  I lived and rejoiced like you do, my physical person suffered like you do, and nothing human is foreign to me, but I have much more, and it is for you because it is your birthright and your future depends on it.


He who has an ear to hear let him hear what the Spirit says to the Churches.  But what about the people who do not hear the spirit yet?  Do we let them behind?  Like they say in Stargate SG1: "we don’t leave our people behind." 


My pages are not the most impressive in design, because I was busy with the work of heavens, and it was no time yet, to have a webmaster.  It will help to have one now, but no matter what I will never stay uninvolved, because communicating with you is the most important thing I do.  


I've been the best-kept secret. The Gods had forgotten about THE MOTHER,  and because they did so, they found themselves disconnected and surpassed by their tasks.  They couldn’t do it, because they were lacking much of the source.  They suffered, because people suffered, Life was mistreated.  When they finally realized that they could not do it without ME, they started their battles for my re-involvement.  


I am here now, and because I am here we can work to have things the way they are supposed to be, and Life and Truth return to their necessary place, to give you the longevity and the Life conditions that you dream of. 


You may want to see this video from my TV Show to see why I had to be a woman. Why GOD “Must be a Woman” as Dr. Timothy Watson demonstrates here logically.  Dr. Timothy Watson Ph.D. in Philosophy, the reincarnation of the author of Shakespeare books, is one of the chosen ones of The Father for the work on Earth.


I am starting a number of classes online, that together create a series that complete your knowledge with vital concepts, and a basic understanding of how Life, Spirit and Health Work, to give you back the longevity that people used to have: hundreds of years and more, In great shape. 





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