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Classes/Cosmic-Biological clock

Classes with THE MOTHERt
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Wednesdays and Fridays between 4:00 PM and 7:09PM EST. Online. Link will be provided on registration.
This weeks classes are on
The Cosmic Clock
in relationship to
The Biological Clock.
— How do these 2 clocks influence your health, life, and longevity?
— What happened to the old universe when these Clocks have not been respected?
—Why and how will the New Universe provide infinite life to All who respect Time, Space, Quality and Capacity, as they evolve From World to Kingdom. From Kingdom to Paradise, or according to their journey determined by their spiritual frame. Ie: from Tora to Paradise… from Vedas to Paradise, from legend to Paradise. Paradise is for all. But they all have to learn their journey, and how are they helped or trapped in their relationship to time.
After learning the Cosmic Clock you are ready to learn Timelines.
And that can take you all the way to infinite life if you do it well, which is not hard if you are well intended.
For registration to Classes visit
Other than exceptional teaching, you will receive credits that will -upon diligence, integrity, and qualification, result in a diploma that will qualify you - depending on your choices - to be a teacher, healer, leader for The Kingdom, or for Paradise - Kingdom and Paradise on Earth.
The Old System has completely transitioned into the New System.
Now you have to learn and understand where you are, where you came from, where do you go when you live the earth? What is the system expecting from you, what does the system have for you! What is different compared to the old?
“Let’s get together and we’ll be all right”






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