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                                                                              The Mother's Portal                                    for Paradise on Earth     

CHANGE that all there is, was and will be is going through, for the good of all who change for good


Manifestation, Presence, Embodiment

The CHANGE that all there is, was and will be is going through, for the good of all who change for good, is unprecedented and fulfills the original plan: for Infinite, permanent, everlasting and eternal LIFE




Here for You All



   I, THE GOD OF ALL that old religions referred to as THE MOST HIGH, Have a human form ermbodied on EARTH, by necessity and by choice. 


   I have my human form embodied her, on Earth, the ARC of all Worlds, The Templer of all Universes, The substance of all Cosmic order. 


    Please Know, that Earth refers to all matter, anywhere and everywhere, and not to one planet only.


     This Planet, known by many names, Terra, Gea, PanGea, designed by THE MOTHER became Paradise when THE MOTHER embodied on Earth. T


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Brief History of            THE MOTHER


THE MOTHER, THE ORIGINAL GOD, manifested on earth many times, in many forms, people, nature, historical figures, goddess, deity, divinity, angel, archangel, working with others, guiding, helping them, protecting ... yet allowing them to be, to grow, to learn from their mistakes, to elevate themselves and the others.  


After All beings, all deities and all divinities have done their best with their acceptable initiatives, risky initiatives that needed safeguards, great accomplishments and mistakes of all magnitudes from innocent to not so innocent, from minor effects to great consequences, from corrected mistakes to mistakes that were let out of control, and increased presence of THE MOTHER became unavoidable, and urgent.  From Manifestations to Presence, THE MOTHER was more and more part of The Process, already having to deal with emerging evil. By The Time the male deities brought all the improvements to people and to the process, but could not stop the most evil of them all, most deceptive and most controlling, DEATH, THE MOTHER BECAME INDISPENSABLE,  because THE MOTHER WAS THE ONLY ONE COULD STOP DEATH, and who could ensure the possibility for life to go on, and for children to be born and to have a chance, despite all aggressions.  THE MOST COMPETENT FORM and PRESENCE OF THE MOTHER on earth, MAAT, came to the cradle of LIFE in ancient times: THE Valley of the Kings, in the old, Nile Valley, in Egypt. 


First she came as TUTANKAMON, and gave virgin birth the power to bring children that were most needed on earth, Moses Included, and while had Male form, everything else was the Goddess Present with all feminine attributes. It was understood that that Presence had limited viability, and longevity of that form could not have been more than 24 and a half years, maybe less.  And it was less indeed, it was only 22, but it did what THE GODDESS had to accomplish in that life time, for the nest time, as MAAT, to set the bases for the CHANGE, that had to be attained in 4,000 years, or less, and even much less, if any major attempt could have been successful. 





A Bit More about THE MOTHER, Sanda Davis

The Embodiment of THE MOTHER on Earth, is known as Sanda Davis. 


     You can relie on Sanda Davis to guide you to your best future on Earth and beyond.  Learn from THE MOTHER. 


Sanda Davis is now 68 years of age, humanly and she has known and lived every hardship that any mother on on earth has lived. Raised in communist Romania after the second world war, by adoptive parents after having allready been abandonned in the childrens hospital at a very young age ... arround age 1, left for dead after an incident that resulted in the child being slapped a bit to hard, with no other intention, but just an impulsive reaction from the person who slapped her, but unfortunately, resulting in the child's head hitting the wall a bit to hard, and the body turning innert and purple, deep purple tow nails, for a few hours, to the dispair of the people who were part of this incident.  Realizing that the child was dead...Out of The Body, The MOTHER ATTEMPTED TO RETURN TO EDEN, but there the Mothers Heart, the heart of the Universe of Knowledge, Tree of knowledge, had been blasted with dark matter, and the second Sun of the Solar system has been turned dark... Eden was no help, on earth, the child was in the room where the incident had "happened" earlier...covered with a raugh doormat, by the people who were distraught, and were wayting for the night to burry the child in the garden and declare afterwards that they have been looking for the child but she was lost somehow.  To their great relief, as they were consolling each other on the terrible thing that had happened, they hear a noise in the room, and when they look, the mat was flat on the floor, and the child was crunching on an apple that had been there in the room before, a real, earthly, natural apple... and the girl, 2 years old was amused and swinging her legs not only playfully, but to get blood going.   That brought relief and fear on the two who were shocked with the situation.   The outcome was rapidely sending the child to be adopted in a far away village, away from the capital city, where the incident happened.   The people involved in the incdent had no idea about the powers and the forces that were involved in that moment.   Fast forwarding to age 68, 66 years latter, with very few moments of relief, life has never been without immense challenges for the Mother, or for all people.  But, miracles were neverending, and the future has never been more enchanting and worthy to build.  An official authorized Biography will tell you more. Right now we have more important things to do: help people to recover, rebild and understand their present, so that they could build their future.






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