The Mother's Portal for Paradise on Earth
                                                                              The Mother's Portal                                    for Paradise on Earth     

Greatest News that anyone could hope for.  As of October 31st 2018,  Earth Paradise entered The Golden Era, the Era when evolved people transition from Homo Sapiens to Homo Deus 


       Welcome to The Mother GOD page for Paradise on Earth                                        The Mother in person will guide you to find your place in the current change that all-there-is is going through.                                                              Here you will learn, understand and find help for your Journey with the Earth, the Universe and all that journeys to the place of infinite evolution.                



Your responsibility is to:

  • Face the truth,
  • Train,
  • Learn,
  • Pay your dues,
  • Do your best,
  • Be the best that you can be.  

The rest is up to ME!

Here is where you can sign up for classes and for membership



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